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Mick Jagger Gave Up Drugs For Jerry Hall, New Memoir Reveals

Mick Jagger gave up heroin for his then-partner Jerry Hall
Mick Jagger Gave Up Drugs For Jerry Hall, New Memoir Reveals

Rock and Roll legend Mick Jagger was weaned off heroin according to recent reports by his then-partner Jerry Hall.  The singer is said to have quit as Hall claimed that constant use of drugs and heroine would eventually affect his boyish looks, Joinfo.com reports with reference to Celebeat.

The recent revelation about Mick Jagger and his use of heroin was referred to in an interview which the Daily Mail conducted with British socialite and Countess, Princess Josephine. The countess who completed her memoirs claimed that through her former husband she came into close association with the Rolling Stones.

Commonly referred to as Princess Josephine, the socialite claimed Mick Jagger and Hall were close companions. She claimed that her husband was the financial advisor for the Rolling Stones. Her husband Prince Rupert Loewenstein is also reported to be the Godfather of James Jagger –  the singer’s son.

In addition, the countess claimed that following Hall’s stern warning, Mick Jagger determinedly stayed away from drugs. She alleged that the singer is now completely clean and is not into liquor either and has difficulty consuming even half a glass of wine.

Furthermore, the claims of Mick Jagger and his addictions are elaborated on in another autobiography by Hall.  According to Hall, the singer had openly admitted to her that he was a frequent user of LSD during the 60s. She said he also admitted to her about taking heroin which made her disgusted she claimed.

Hall reminisces in her book that she gave Mick Jagger an ultimatum and that he would lose his looks. She said he had incredible will power and gave up heroin and drugs instantly. In addition, she noted in her book that he was a womanizer and she was hopeful she could convince him to give up women as well. The couple went on to have four children.

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