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Taylor Swift’s Beverly Hills Mansion Now A Historical Landmark

On Tuesday April 4, Taylor Swift’s Beverly Hills Mansion was named a historic landmark fby the city of Beverly Hills.
Taylor Swift’s Beverly Hills Mansion Now A Historical Landmark

According to TMZ, Swift purchased the home for $25 million. The estate was owned by Samuel L. Goldwyn. Goldwyn was a Hollywood film producer who went on to lay the foundation for Paramount Pictures and MGM studios. He passed away in 1974 leaving his estate to his son, Samuel Goldwyn Jr. In 2015, Goldwyn Jr. passed away and the house was on the market until the singer purchased the home in September 2015, Joinfo.com reports with reference to Canyon News.

After making renovations, Taylor Swift wanted the 11,000 square-foot house to achieve a historic city landmark designation status. After being approved by the city’s Cultural Heritage Commission, the city council will made the final decision. Swift can receive tax relief that the city provides to those owning, restoring, or maintaining a historic landmark.

The two-acre estate is located near the Beverly Hills Hotel and features a pool, a sunken tennis court, five-car garage, six bedrooms, a library, a theatre, a guest suite, and gardens designed by architect Douglas Honnold.

Taylor Swift, 27, -year-old petitioned the Beverly Hills City Council to designate the mansion as a historic landmark of Beverly Hills. In a unanimous vote, Swift was given the approval. Making the property a historic landmark will involve difficult changes.

Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse told People magazine, “I think this is a true community gem and really so thrilled that this will be landmarked and preserved.”

The landmark, now owned by Taylor Swift, is not the only real estate that Swift owns. She has properties in Westerly, Rhode Island, New York City and Nashville, Tennessee.

It should be recalled that Swift has been keeping low lately as she reportedly wants to get rid of the negativity that she gets online.