Is Harry Styles’ new track Ever Since New York about Taylor Swift?

Is Harry Styles' new track Ever Since New York about Taylor Swift?

Former 1-D star Harry Styles has gone solo with a debut album, and fans are speculating over the topic of one particular song, according to Sky News.

The song is titled Ever Since New York, and is part of a 10-track album which is still to be released, but had its artwork and track list posted by Styles on Twitter on Thursday.


But speculation has erupted on social media around the title and its similarities with a Taylor Swift track titled Welcome To New York.

“Ever since New York is about Taylor Swift don’t even argue,” one user wrote.

“Taylor Swift – Welcome To New York … Harry Styles – Ever Since New York … I AM SHOOKT,” wrote another.

The suspicion rests on rumours that the two pop stars dated in 2012 in New York and the internet has trouble forgetting it. Fans even came up with a portmanteau for the celebrity couple: Haylor.

“Ever since New York is about Haylor,” one user wrote.

“Stop trying to make Haylor happen, it’s not gonna happen,” another responded.

“Haylor is so real I’m crying,’ wrote another, emotional fan.

However, there are those who believe this to be a fabrication and defended the singer online, pleading with other fans to appreciate his newest album for what it is.

“Can we all not fight about making stuff about Larry, Hendall or Haylor and make this about supporting Harry for a successful solo project?,” a fan wrote.

There is little danger of the rumour overshadowing the release of the anticipated album, which will be soon available for pre-order online.

Songs including Sign Of The Times, Carolina and Only Angel will also feature on the album.

Harry is the third member of One Direction to branch out into solo work, following Zayn Malik who earlier this year released a song with Swift titled I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.

Harry Styles’ debut album will be out 12 May.

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