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How to unlock thousands of hidden Netflix genres

We all know the appeal of Netflix is being able to click on our favourite genre of TV or film and getting an instant selection to choose from after a long day of work.
How to unlock thousands of hidden Netflix genres

The streaming platform’s specialised subgenres have been a source of fascination to movie buffs for a while – where else can you look up everything from ‘Raunchy B-Horror Movies’ to ‘Sentimental Dramas based on a book from the 1980s’? Netflix uses a complicated algorithm that takes in a user’s particular viewing habits to recommend them exactly the sort of content they would want to watch.

Unless you’re seriously into sentimental animal tales for yourself, there’s not an easy way to find out what obscure viewing material is out there.

Or is there?

According to Metro, by entering specific codes into your URL, users can access all of the categories Netflix logs its content under.

Those logged into Netflix can enter www.netflix.com/browse/genre/XXXX into their toolbars to bring up one of the thousands of hidden genres.

XXXX represents a series of numbers – and entering a particular combination will open up the listings for that genre.

For example, entering 72436 will load all of the Food & Travel TV options.

And if you want a film based on a children’s book, just enter 10056.

Netflix addicts should be warned that not all numbers will give them a subgenre, and the algorithms are constantly changing – so they may change from time to time.