Perfect Doll For Adults Created Based On Users Requests

Perfect Doll for Adults Created Based on Users Requests
One of the largest platforms for adults has announced the release of a doll created based on the preferences of the biggest portal users

A doll is named xHamsterina and will be available at a price of $3,000, reports with reference to Mashable.

According to the vice-president of the company, the site users usually watch adult movies alone and they would use “a perfect companion.”

The creators claim that several versions of the doll are being prepared for release, which will appeal to different users of the platform.

The appearance of xHamsterina is as close as possible to the form of a real woman, and it has a “metal skeleton” inside.

The edition notes that the creators for some reason did not mention her personality, but they endowed the girl with “velvety smooth skin” and an “a nice round bottom.”

“She’s cute, sexy, does not blow up your brain, can hold a beer and never grow wiser,” says the doll’s description.

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