Tilda Swinton Transforms For Vogue Korea July Issue

Tilda Swinton Transforms For Vogue Korea July Issue
The shooting, which took place under the guidance of the famous Norwegian photographer Solve Sundsbo, was named ‘T - means Tilda’.

The pictures show the actress in unusual and futuristic images, demonstrating masterful reincarnation.

봉준호 감독의 화제작 <옥자>의 캐릭터처럼 초현실적인 모습의 틸다 스윈튼 청춘이어서 가능한 한 자유를 누리기로한 남태현 2017년 가을 컬렉션과 톱 모델들이 함께한 라라랜드에서의 일주일 극적인 한 해를 보낸 셀레나 고메즈와의 대화 손현주와 이준기의 심리 수사 게임 봉준호가 창조한 ‘이상한’ 장르 – 온/오프라인 서점에서 <보그> 7월호를 만나보세요 (Yoo Joon Hee) _ #VogueKorea’s #July issue is now at on/offline book stores. This month’s issue features: Cover star #TildaSwinton of the film <#Okja>, #NamTaeHyun, a week in #LaLaLand with top models in 2017 Fall collection pieces, #SelenaGomez, #SonHyunJoo and #LeeJoongi, and more. #Vogue #七月号 #封面 #李准基 #南泰贤

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This is not the first survey of Swinton for the Korean Vogue.

It should be recalled that the film ‘Okja’ starring Tilda Swinton, who is also co-producer of the film, premiered on Netflix on June 28.

The actress appears in the image of Lucy Mirando, the owner of a large corporation, which supports organic food and animal protection.

A visionary South Korean Bong Joon Ho is a co-writer and director of the film.

Watch the teaser below:

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