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Justin Bieber Banned From China For ‘Bad Behavior’

Chinese culture watchdog said the Canadian singer was banned from performing on the mainland because of his “bad behavior” and problems with the law
Justin Bieber Banned From China For ‘Bad Behavior’

The Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber was banned from performing in China, according to Variety. The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture said the ban was necessary to “purify” the country’s entertainment industry but suggested it was not permanent, expressing the hope that Bieber might improve his behavior and earn back the love of his fans. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter has had run-ins with the law over alleged drunk driving and drag racing.

“His inappropriate manner has caused public discontent. In order to regulate the market order of show business in China and purify the market environment, it was decided that performers of inappropriate behavior will not be welcomed.”

Bieber had been to China previously. While touring the country in 2013, he was captured on camera being carried up to the Great Wall of China by Chinese bodyguards. The incident was seen by many Chinese as offensive.