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How much are exclusive photos of paparazzi

Very often, the stars consider nosy paparazzi their most inveterate enemies, because in most cases artful journalists drive celebrities crazy.

For too open and shameless attention to stars’ private life, paparazzi foredoom themselves not only to condescending treatment, but also to hate. However, the value of exclusive material is too big to think about their negative role.

For example, recently paparazzi managed to take a photo of Julia Roberts being pregnant for the third time, despite the rumors that the actress was going to divorce her husband Daniel Moder.

According to experts, the actions of paparazzi make famous people “to be on the alert” all the time. Not to be photographed in an awkward position, celebrities almost can not relax, while going out.

According to estimates of the journalists, on the most expensive stars’ pictures they are photographed in a condition they would never appear in public.

Once paparazzi demanded 230 thousand dollars for the photos of dying Freddie Mercury. 300 thousand dollars for the photo of Kate Moss, sniffing cocaine. $ 1 million for the photo of Gwyneth Paltrow with her young daughter.

The more closed stars are, the harder it is to “hunt” them. First, journalists find out where a celebrity spends his or her time more often and open their hunting season with a bunch of spoiled shots, liters of coffee, and weeks of sleepless nights. So, if our paparazzi managed to make a unique picture, and not to get it in the neck from a celebrity, they are guaranteed to get their money.

But if an intruder is noticed for business, the game is over. It is almost impossible to escape from aggression of a star.

So, as we can see, the game is worth the candle. In other words, the end justifies the means. However, very often paparazzi jeopardy their lives for unique pictures. There are many cases of journalists” beatings. Moreover, many celebrities sue them, if the pictures affect privacy and charge a lot of money.

Yet, as long as the supply creates demand, that is, as long as stars are interesting for somebody, they will be popular. It’s no secret that stars are ready to shoot themselves for glory and fame, to make media talk and write about them.