Guided tours to Costa Concordia liner in Italy

In Italy, there organized excursions to the Costa Concordia liner, which sank in January 2012 near the Giglio Island.

Costa Concordia liner tours

The cost of the tour to the ship, located in the Genoa port, is ten euros, reports

During daily mini-cruises, the tourists are driven 200 meters to the hull of the ship, so that the passengers of the hourly tour can see the ruined ship. During this time, the guides tell the story of the Costa Concordia collapse.

As expected, the tours will be held for two years, and then the Costa Concordia will be salvaged.

Costa Concordia was wrecked in January 2012, bumping into rocks of the Giglio Island. The ship partially sank, killing 32 people.

After transportation to Genoa, the rescuers expect to find the remains of an Indian waiter Russel Rebello, the only victim, whose body has not been raised to the surface.

The former captain Francesco Schettino is currently on trial on charges of manslaughter and criminal negligence.

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