Hampi: a wonderful pearl of India

Hampi is a place in India where everything is different, where you can relax and unwind.

Hampi, India

Today Hampi has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, prepared for the Western low-budget tourists.

The town is located on the way from Goa to Kerala. What can you do in a small town hidden somewhere between banana plantations and rice?

1. Climbing

There are places with incredible views around Hampi. Thousands of scattered boulders and stones. Only a few sectors are adapted for climbing, but perhaps in the future it will change and the climbers will learn Hampi. The level of climbing difficulty is varied and you will surely find something convenient for everyone.

After 2003, when one of the best climbers in the world Chris Sharma arrived here, climbing activity has been developed in the region. Since then, there are a lot of people on the rocks.

If climbing is not your passion, you can find time for yoga.

2. Yoga

Where, if not in India, in the birthplace of yoga, can you practice, or at least try it? In Hampi, there are several schools of yoga, which are highly popular. Classes are held at different times of the day in the morning and in the afternoon. As a rule, they are conducted in English, and the price for one lesson (usually 1.5 – 2 hours) will cost about 7-10 dollars.

Ashtanga yoga is more popular in Hampi, but the classes are delivered for various degrees of complexity.

3. Sightseeing

Hampi is a historically amazing pearl. On the area of 26 km2, there are about 550 temples and monuments, which, due to their uniqueness were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1986.

In the second half of the sixteenth century, the town was destroyed by the Muslim army that hit this part of India. During a six-month siege, almost the entire town was destroyed and today we can see everything left since then.

The central point of the town is the Virupaksha Temple. It is 50 meters high, so you can see it from almost every place near Hampi. Entrance will cost only two rupees.

During sightseeing, a tourist must have money, even a few minor coins.

The temples are located a few kilometers from each other. For those that are farther, you can get by bike, scooter or motorcycle, which can be rented at any place for a small fee.

It should take you one day to see, at least most of the historic buildings. The full tour of the entire complex by bike will take you four or five hours.

Most of the temples are completely free, and remained in good condition. We recommend visiting the Vittala Temple, located in the center of a square stone chariot.

4. Do nothing

What does it mean to do nothing? In its pure form: read a book, sleep in a hammock, go to a pub and taste the local delicacies. There are tourists who have done nothing for three or four months.

It's no secret that the local climate is conducive to a longer stay with relaxed atmosphere, reggae music, smiling people, a large number of nice eateries. It is more like Jamaica and not India.

Hampi is located between Goa and Kerala, and, perhaps, is the best place for people who really want to go to India, but for some reason they have fear.

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