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Scientists recommend sleeping on stomach

Scientists have discovered that sleeping on stomach is useful for the action of bowels.

Scientists recommend sleeping on stomach

Bright minds of our modern times believe that sleeping on stomach is useful not only to fight insomnia, but also it is good for the action of bowels. However, scientists have made a list of the ways that help to fall asleep.

Sleeping on stomach or on the left side has won the first place in the list of the most effective methods. Thus, it is better to use a low pillow.

Well-ventilated room and bedtime regime take the second place. It is advisable to go to bed at the same time. Alcoholic drinks, strong tea or coffee, will not help to fall asleep, so it is better to exclude them from the evening diet.

The third line of the list of the best ways to go to sleep is taken by herbal pillows.

Bath with chamomile and orange aromatic oils promotes healthy sleep. Using some methods of traditional medicine, scientists endorsed brews with chamomile, hawthorn fruits, pumpkin with honey, chamomile, sage, valerian, viburnum bark and berries, hemp seeds, cumin, hop cones, taken at bedtime.

Since fragrances can help to fall asleep, they are able to prevent sleep too. Try not to use perfume in the bedroom, so intoxicating odors do not interfere with healthy sleep. Also, do not put the bouquets of flowers, which have a pungent smell.