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Scientists: Women’s breasts can prolong men’s life for 5 years

Scientists have shown that looking at beautiful women's breasts is not only pleasant but also useful for men. It turns out that this process contributes to the rejuvenation of male body and prolongs life.

It has long been known that girls with beautiful lush breasts attract men. Therefore, women are trying to look after the beauty of their breasts and often show them to others with the help of a deep neckline.

Now scientists have proved that the contemplation of beautiful female breast brings men not only fun, but also health benefit. A new study has shown that men should not abandon the passionate views on women's breasts, as this process is able to strengthen their health and add a few years of life.

Hence, beautiful breasts should be a source of pride for the young ladies, many of whom are not shy showing what nature gifted them.

The German scientists recommend that men older than 40 years look at women's breasts for 10 minutes each day to improve their health and prolong their life.

Dr. Karen Weatherby, the author of the study, said that 10-minute looking at the female breasts for men is equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise. If we repeat the procedure every day, it can extend the life of five years, as well as prevent the risk of heart attack and stroke.