Cardiovascular exercises make brain work better

Moderate exercises enhancing blood movement throughout the body, not only help to be in good physical form, but also have a positive effect on brain.

Running for prolongation of life

At the University of Montreal there was conducted a study involving two groups of volunteers aged 18-30 and 55-57. They were asked to undergo a physical and a psychological testing. During the test there was measured the level of oxygen consumed, used an MRI scanner to analyze the flow of blood to the head, the aorta elasticity and the degree of brain activity.

As expected, the participants of the second group confirmed the theory that with age, the cardiorespiratory system works worse. However, those who exercise regularly, showed better results than their inactive coevals did.

The scientists explain this by the fact that physical exercises increase the mobility of nervous processes in the cerebral cortex and other parts of the human nervous system. Inhibition and excitation processes are faster and easier, which helps the body not only to respond to internal and external stimuli timely, but also to improve concentration. It also affects the human nervous system, which adapts to new conditions better.

By the way, according to the conclusions of the scientists from the University of Iowa, even a few minutes of daily running make a significant impact on reducing the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, those who are interested in running, get the chance to spend three "extra" years.


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