Unusual Hotels of the World: Legoland Hotel

Enjoy Legoland Hotel in California

Legoland Hotel  

Why do people choose the most unusual hotels in the world? It"s pretty simple. While traveling on the planet people want to get a lot of emotions. And not only while watching the sights but also while having a rest in the hotel. California built a three-floor hotel called Legoland Hotel.

There are 250 rooms in the hotel. Moreover, each of them has specific design. All rooms are equipped with double and bunk beds. And the decor of the rooms is dedicated to adventure tales about pirates and colorful kingdoms.

Moreover, there are play areas with lots of multicolored bricks. Children can play with their favorite Lego construction set at any time.

Interestingly, the construction and design of the hotel took more than three hundred million Lego bricks. Many of the buildings look like works of art. It is surprising that the hotel building itself creates a visual illusion that it"s all built from models of the construction set.

Those who like unusual hotels, and most importantly, traveling with children, will enjoy Legoland Hotel.

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