Around the world: Water Outing: impregnable St Michael”s Mount Monastery

St Michael"s Mount Island is one of the most interesting sights of Cornwall, the "homeland" of legendary King Arthur.

St Michael"s Mount Island in Cornwall

There is an impregnable monastery built by the Benedictine monks in the XII century. You can get to the stronghold, surrounded by the sea, by boat or on foot. During low tide, the water recedes exposing the stone-paved road.

Tides are unique natural phenomena that can completely change the landscape of the area. It is to be recalled the illustrated edition of "Sea Change" by Michael Martin, which includes photos of the most interesting "modifications" of the British coastline. St Michaels Mount Island is one of those places where you can literally walk on water.

St Michaels Mount Monastery is a "twin" of the French Benedictine abbey of Mont Saint-Michel, which is also located on a remote island. King Edward the Confessor founded the Chapel of St Michaels Mount in 1044. Over the centuries, the pilgrims came here, and because of the geographical location of the island, it was a tasty morsel for the military. In 1659, the governor of the island was Colonel John St Aubyn. He made the monastery his residence, and in 1954, St Michaels Mount was given to the National Trust Organization.

Today, St Aubyn family still lives on the island and meet tourists. There are a lot of things to look at: the rooms preserved many antique furniture and armours. On the island, there is a small settlement for 20 people. They have their own church, picturesque harbor and a beautiful garden full of exotic plants.

The railway is another sight of the island. It was built around 1900 for goods transportation from the port to the castle. Tin has long been mined on the island. Trains replaced the work of pack animals, that was a real know-how.

By the way, there is one more place in the world where the sea parts. It is Jindo Archipelago. So not only the British can walk on water not, the Koreans can too!

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