Architecture: Shah Cheragh, beautiful mirror mosque in Iran

Shah Cheragh is one of the most beautiful mausoleums in Shiraz, Iran.

Shah Cheragh, a beautiful mirror mosque in Iran

Its informal name is Mirror mosque because the walls of the building are richly decorated with pieces of glass, jewelry and silver plates, and the dome is completely covered with mirrors and smalt. The tomb of the brothers Ahmed and Mohammed, built in the 14th century, attracts tourists from all over the world with its extraordinary beauty.

Interior decoration of the mausoleum

The brothers Ahmed and Mohammed were killed in 835, during the fierce confrontation between the Abbasids and the Shias. In the 14th century, their grave became the place of pilgrimage for Muslims. By order of Queen Tashi Khatun there was erected a dome over the grave.

In the mausoleum, there are two minarets, octagonal columns of green marble, decorated with wood are the present hall decoration. At the entrance there is a heavy door with golden finish, according to tradition, the parishioners kiss it. The interior of the mosque is strikin

g: green, yellow, red and blue pieces of smalt shine in the sun. Stained-glass windows, fancy mosaic is reflected in a huge amount of mirrors.

Shah Cheragh, a beautiful mirror mosque in Iran

On the ceiling, there are magnificent crystal chandeliers, on the green marble floor – luxurious red Iranian carpets. On the walls – verses from the Quran written on silk. Inside the mausoleum, you can see the two tombs where the remains of the brothers Ahmed and Mohammed lie. In the Pars Museum near the mausoleum, there is also stored unique ancient edition of the Quran in thirty volumes with gold trim cover and pages.

Shah Cheragh is a real pearl in the necklace of Shiraz.


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