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Ebola approaches Ukraine: infected ship near Odessa

It is possible that Ebola has approached to Ukraine. Near Odessa there is registered a ship with a sailor suspected having Ebola virus on board.

Ebola approaches Ukraine: infected ship near Odessa

According to media reports, one of the crew members of Western Copenhagen ship is suspected to have the deathful Ebola virus. Previously, the ship was banned to enter the port of Valletta in Malta because of the threat of infection. At the moment, the ship is banned to enter Ukraine. It turned out that the symptoms of one of the sailors indicate that haemorrhagic Ebola fever could hit him.

It is reported that the ship was sent under the flag of Hong Kong to Ukraine from the port in Guinea. One of the sailors did not fell good. When the captain of the vessel contacted the Maltese port service, it appeared that the described symptoms are the same as the symptoms of Ebola virus. In most cases, the virus results in death. The cargo ship was brought outside the territorial waters and was banned to enter the port.

It also became known that the sailor was taken to hospital in Sicily. Currently the vessel is drifting at the coast of Odessa, and all the crew members are quarantined until September 29. The crew can be evacuated to Odessa infectious hospital if the diagnosis of Ebola is confirmed in one of the sailors.

According to American president, Barack Obama, the Ebola virus is becoming uncontrollable and is spreading rapidly – the number of infected people can reach several tens of thousands.