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Top best autumn warming drinks recipes

How to cook a warming drink fast and tasty? We"ve selected some great options for you.

No matter how much you want to believe that today it is just August 54, it will not get warmer. Let"s leave cooling delicious cocktails aside until next summer, and learn how to make cozy and delicious warming drinks. The main rule is that they must contain spices that will warm you, scent the house and fill your body with vitamins.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate

It would seem very easy. Melt a chocolate bar – and that"s it. Or just buy a bag of instant chocolate in any store. In fact, it is more interesting. First, put milk on fire, add sugar and vanilla (to taste). While stiring milk, bring it to a boil, and then put small pieces of chocolate in it.

Hot banana cocktail

Heat a liter of milk, add nutmeg, a little cinnamon and other spices to your taste. At this time, blend bananas in a blender, add the puree in hot milk, constantly stirring it. Pour the finished drink into glasses and sprinkle with cocoa on top and garnish with a mint leaf.

Berry tea

You need to chop or grind any berries in a blender, drain juice. Add cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and apple, bring to a boil and add honey. Strain this decoction, and then brew up a teaspoon of black tea in it.