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Apple releases golden IPad

In October, Apple will present new versions of IPad. The users will be able to buy golden tablet models.

Apple releases golden IPad

It is expected that the company will present the new version of IPad in October. It was reported by Bloomberg. The 9.7-inch tablet is expected to be available in three color options – the back cover will be made not only in black and silver, but also in golden hue. Last year, Apple presented iPhone 5S on the market. That is why the decision to make the tablets in golden color somehow are aligned with last year"s models of iPhone.

In 2012, IPad sales reached its peak ($ 32 billion), but in last two quarters, the sales level significantly decreased. Apple has not announced new tablet release since October last year. Instead, the corporation offered new iPhone 6 Plus models. The device has large screen, the size of which is almost the size of the iPad Mini screen.

Earlier, Apple has created a furor: in the first three days, there were sold more than ten million new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Thus, previously it was reported that thousands of people got in lines at the stores even before the official announcement of the model. Some people even sold their places in line and managed to make big money.

Soon, Apple fans will also be able to purchase the unique Apple Watch. It has a lot of useful functions including antitheft. As it became known, the device will cost $ 349.