Ebola reached United States

Ebola affected the American who returned from Liberia. Now the man is isolated.

Ebola reached United States

In the United States, the first person infected with Ebola is registered. His name is not announced, but it is known that now he is in the detention center in Dallas, Texas.

Most likely, the man was infected during his trip to Liberia. But the Ebola virus became evident only after he came to the United States.

American President Barack Obama called the virus the threat for all the humanity. The United States intend to send about three thousand military men into the affected areas.

Earlier, it was reported that Ebola, the symptoms of which were found in one of the sailors of the ship heading to Ukraine, could threaten this country. Fortunately, the doctors did not confirmed the presence of dangerous virus in the body of the hospitalized man.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that according to their estimations, in January 2015 the fever could affect about 1.5 million people. Until the end of the year there will be sent experimental vaccine to the affected areas to combat the epidemic.

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