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Around the World: International Highline Meeting – Stay on top!

International Highline Meeting Festival for thrill-seekers.

Around the World: International Highline Meeting - stay on top!

It is not surprising, since dozens of equilibrists from all over the world come to participate in it. The thrill-seekers "have a rest" at the height of 20 – 330 m!

Every year the European International Highline Meeting Festival changes the location. This year it was held in the town of Monte Piana on the Dolomites (Italy). The slackliners demonstrated their skills, shared their experience, amazing numerous spectators and photographers.

Looking at the participants of the festival captures the spirit, because these guys easily teeter on the edge at a dizzying height, some of them even manage to lie down on the lines, sit in the hammock and play the guitar. They have fun as they can.

Those who are afraid of height are encouraged to register as spectators, they also have a separate cultural program like yoga, movies and presentations, hiking along the mountain range.

The participants of the festival show that there is nothing impossible for a human, you just need to set a goal and to make efforts to achieve it. By the way, despite the fact that the "high-walks" are mostly held by men, the world highline record belongs to 23-year-old Faith Dickey, the girl who managed to walk 80 meters to the sling at the height of 1200 meters.