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The World’s Coolest Ice Cream Vendor

The Best Ice Cream Vendor Ever

The World"s Coolest Ice Cream Vendor

This ice cream Turkish vendor knows how to attract customers with some amusing tricks.

The funny salesman, dressed up in a red hat and waistcoat, uses an extended scoop to pick the cone up and place it in a customer"s pocket. He then pulls it back out with ice cream in, before adding some more and offering it back to the amused man. Completely unaware of what is about to happen, the customer takes the cone, only for the joking vendor to pull the ice cream away, leaving him with another empty cone in his hand.

This happens again, and it soon becomes clear the prankster has piled three cones on top of each other. Next comes some pretty impressive cocktail shaking skills using the all important scoop to twist the cone round in loops, before hitting the bemused man in the cheek with some ice cream.