Newborn baby left motherless because of drunken anesthesiologist

The French woman did not survive after caesarean section and did not see her newborn baby because of the fact that the anesthetist drunk too much alcohol before entering the operating room.

Newborn baby left motherless because of drunken anesthesiologist

Until the tragic accident, the maternity clinic in Orthez, France was famous for its good reputation. The Ustaris resident was sure of this too. But the woman did not manage to learn whether it was true. 28-year-old new mother died on the operating table due to a mistake made by the anesthesiologist.

Investigation revealed that the female doctor came to the operating room being intoxicated. During the investigation there were found 216 micrograms of alcohol per liter of blood in the doctor"s organism. This means that the day before the physician has drunk about four bottles of wine.

Considering this amount of alcohol, it is not surprising that the anesthesiologist made a mistake and put an endotracheal tube into the esophagus instead of the trachea. The new mother died of cardiac arrest. The child is alive and healthy and is under the supervision of physicians and relatives of the deceased patient.

45-year-old anesthesiologist, in her turn, did not deny that she has been suffering from alcohol dependence. She came to the maternity ward of the Orthez clinic only at the beginning of the year, although she has practiced since 1999. For the charges of manslaughter, the physician will have to spend the next five years behind the bars.

The mayor of the city, where the tragedy occurred, highlighted the shortage of staff and said that it was very difficult to find anesthesiologists, because they wanted high salaries for their services. So maybe it makes sense to pay anesthesiologists more than to bury young and healthy women, and leave their children motherless.

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