Woman gives birth to world”s first child in transplanted womb

For the first time in history a woman gives birth to child in transplanted womb

Woman gives birth to world"s first child in transplanted womb

In early October, the British Lancet medical magazine announced about the success of a unique scientific experiment – a Swedish woman with a transplanted womb gave birth to a baby for the first time in the world"s history! The baby was born prematurely in September (1.8 kg), however, the baby and mom are doing well.

36-year-old woman is one of the nine members of the experiment, the doctors have transplanted the wombs of their relatives to. Her donor was her maternal 61-year-old relative. This patient was born without a womb. Other participants of the experiment had the same problem, or they had to remove the womb due to cervical cancer. All the operations were carried out a year ago.

Until now, the women with such a diagnosis had only one way to get their own child – surrogacy. It is reported that two other participants of the project are currently pregnant.

The main reasons for the womb absence in women are cancer and birth defects. Womb transplantation is a complex operation due to the peculiarities of blood supply to this organ. Until now, attempts to transplant the womb were made twice – in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. However, in both cases, the patients failed to carry a child.

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