Persimmon the best fruit for weight loss

Very often women dream of food to eat and to lose weight. Persimmon exists specially for them

Persimmon recognized best fruit for weight loss

Oats, cereals, grapefruits, yogurt are recognized as super products for weight loss… Still persimmon wins in the category of products for rapid weight loss.

The scientists who have tested 64 people realized that if you eat only one persimmon for lunch, you could lose 3-5 kg. And it is despite the fact that people, who were overseen by the Georgian scientists, absolutely did not do any physical activity.

Surprised scientists have noted that the body loses fat without basic gymnastics. By the way, scientists have long recognized another wonderful product, the ginger root. Ginger tea not only helps to wake up, but also removes inches at the waist.

In addition, the scientists from Georgia noted that none of the participants of the experiments had any health problems for the entire month. Everyone feel good and happy because of losing 3-5 kg.

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