Second U.S. Ebola case confirmed

The Ebola virus began its triumphant march all round America. Once one tourist from Liberia brought it in Texas, the attempt to control the spread of the virus failed.

Second US Ebola case confirmed in Texas

The second case of Ebola infection in the United States is recorded again in Texas, the capital of the state of Dallas. This person was in contact with the first victim, the man who came from Liberia. This man went to Africa to get married, and after returning to the states, did not go to the hospital immediately.

The second infected man is a health worker who contacted with the first patient. Earlier the Ebola symptoms have been identified in 26-year-old nurse Nina Pham, who nurse-tended the sick patient. She was immediately isolated. Now, her colleague, who also took care of the men who died from Ebola, was hospitalized with the same symptoms. His tests are confirmed – the virus is in the blood of the healthcare worker.

He is urgently provided with supportive therapy. So far, it is the only possible way to try to rescue the man. Ebola is dangerous because there are no medicine for it, the scientists promise to create a vaccine only by mid-2015.

So far, the number of deaths from the virus has exceeded 4,000 people, mainly from Africa. In addition, there is a large number of infected physicians.

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