Medical News: unknown facts

Today, medicine is opening up more new methods of research related to human health. Through years of researches, scientists have identified many factors that help to get rid of some diseases.

Medical News: unknown facts

Unfortunately, so far, there is no medicine, with the help of which we could successfully cure any disease. However, there are many more or less effective ways that can positively affect the human body.

Children protect mother against bladder cancer

The more children a woman has given birth to, the lower her risk of developing bladder cancer is. This is the conclusion made by scientists from Sweden.

The scientists of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, have examined data of 2 million women (2860 of them have bladder cancer identified). It was found that the prevalence of the disease in women who had given birth to 2 children is lower by 15%, and in mothers of three or more children, compared to those who have one child – by 24%. In this case, the cancer rate was lower in women who gave birth to their first child at the age of 20-24, compared with those who became mothers at the first time at the age of 20.

The reasons for such a connection have to be explored. According to scientists, it is caused by the fact that pregnancy and childbirth lead to certain hormonal and anatomical changes in the female body that protect against bladder cancer.

Gum chewing increases alertness

Gum chewing activates thinking process, increases reaction rate and vigilance. This conclusion was made by the scientists from the National Institute of Radiological Sciences (Japan).

They conducted an experiment. With the help of scanning, they compared brain activity of two groups of people during the quest. During the test, the participants of the first group were chewing gum, and the participants of another group were not.

It was found that the index of reaction rate, level of excitement, concentration, vigilance and memory power among the participants of the first group is higher by 10%. However, it was found that chewing is accompanied by difficulty to remember columns of numbers and letters. According to researchers, gum chewing impairs short-term memory.

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