Autumn is bad time for dieting

If you have planned to go on a diet, you chose the wrong time. Doctors do not advise to fight with excess weight at this time of the year.

Autumn is bad time for dieting

Knowing that with the advent of cold weather, our body is gaining extra two or three pounds, many girls begin to fight it and try to lose as much as possible. Since the holidays are near at hand, we need to get into your favorite dress. But the doctors strongly advise not to go against the norm of the body, as in the cold season the subcutaneous fat layer is also our immunity.

And if you're worried about your excess weight, it will cause stress to the body, and it will increase your appetite. And it is all about going round in circles. You are nervous, you eat, you try to fight against the excess weight and you are nervous again… It can continue until spring, if you do not allow your body to gain your "warrantable" 2-3 pounds.

Moreover, you have to help your body to gain this weight, by increasing the amount of protein and fats of animal origin. For example, include butter, cottage cheese and milk porridge into your daily diet. These products are necessary for your body to enhance immunity, and thus to protect you from diseases that can catch us anywhere.

Moreover, vitamins A, E and D will act as antidepressants. Instead of losing weight, try to keep yourself in shape. Take exercises and drink required amount of water.

Doctors allow losing weight in autumn for people suffering from obesity. In this case, it is a violation of metabolism and these people require individual diets.

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