Bays and coves, islands and beaches of Azure Sea

It may seem strange, but despite the fact that the holiday in Croatia becomes more and more popular, it does not affect the ecology of this wonderful country in any way. Like many centuries ago, in Croatia, everything breathes with purity. Not just air but also water and nature in general. It seems that when more tourists visit the country, the sea becomes cleaner and air gets more salutary. Perhaps that is why Croatia is recognized as one of the best health resorts.

Bays and coves, islands and beaches of Azure Sea

The socialites who feel unwell after rejuvenation procedures as well as respectable gentlemen tired of working in offices all day long, students tired of exams, and elderly people suffering from age-related ailments can improve their health here.

Resort in Croatia has become one of the favorite destinations all over the world for the tourists who want to reconcile the irreconcilable. Yes, it may seem strange, but here modern production, excellent environment and history that has its roots in the days of Aristotle and Archimedes, the Roman Empire and Austria-Hungary, make a surprising combination.

Croatia wonderfully combines warm climate and wind blowing from the sea, carrying pleasant cool and not letting the sun cause damage to your skin. It can deactivate even the most persistent traveler for a while.

And if we add endless pine forests, which scatter for hundreds of kilometers along the coastline, bays and coves, islands and beaches of the Azure Sea, and the sea breeze caressing your skin and hair, it becomes clear why no one tourist suffers acclimatization on vacation in Croatia.

Here everyone can find rest to his liking, and the therapists will help to choose the right treatment. The special procedures, including the use of mineral water, mud, and especially magical healing oil which can be found only in two places and Croatia is one of them, help to recover the body. Even those who suffer from diseases of the heart, lungs and stomach may improve their health, and all this combined with the sea and fresh air gives excellent effect.

This country is one of the few resort places where no one will be bored. Neither parents with a toddler or young couples, neither intellectuals nor people who love to sunbathe will not be disappointed with the lack of entertainment and leisure facilities. Croatia takes care of their guests so much, that even the most discerning taste and the most unusual claim can be satisfied in full, and their owners will find everything.

The national property includes many cultural values and historical monuments. So you can travel around the country – here you will find a lot of amazing discoveries and treasures, of course, if you're lucky. The riddles of this country are not solved until now, and the mysteries attract any curious tourist in its strange incomprehensible way. Autumn is the most suitable time for such adventures.

Adrenaline lovers will find what to do too – perhaps all kinds of this activity are offered in Croatia. There are almost everything starting from sailing, scuba diving, rafting, and other "ings" to bicycles, horse riding for thrill seekers, and fishing.

Also there are a lot of activities for parents with children. Children are a privileged class here. Even the beaches in Croatia are developed counting on the little travelers. On many beaches both sandy and pebble, there are special approaches to the water, so the kids do not feel discomfort and do not slip. Besides numerous excursions, parents can take their children to some entertainment places that will leave unforgettable impression on them, not to mention the playgrounds.

Nightlife in Croatia is a totally separate topic. It may slightly subside during the Indian summer, but, nevertheless, the night industry is so developed, that if not for the need to get some sleep, you could have fun all night long and then some sleep on the beach. Cafes, restaurants, clubs and discos are not just for young people but also for people of middle and even elderly age. What's the big deal? To rest all ages yield surrender. So it is not surprising that Croatia is considered one of the best places to stay and the tourists (or vacationers – as you wish to call them) tend to return there again and again, and fall allows you to enjoy your holiday to the full.

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