Unhappy marriage does break heart

Scientists have concluded that unhappy marriages can not only figuratively but also literally break your heart.

Unhappy marriage does break heart

In the end, a lot of people admit they are unhappily married. Even if it seems that the world was created just for the two of you, a moment may come and you would like to leave the planet to be further away from the person with whom you used to share absolutely everything. Researchers concluded that this problem could cause serious heart diseases.

A person, who has been living in conflict with his soulmate for many years, has an increased risk of disease, especially for women. It is explained by the fact that women are usually more susceptible to quarrels than men are.

That is why men should give their women more chocolate, which is able to strengthen the heart. American sociologists have found that the quality of marriage is very important for people who live under the same roof for decades too.

Experts also told that happy marriages improve health, relieve depression and addictions.

It is known that people who often quarrel with their husbands or wives, are overweight more often and it is very bad for heart.

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