Abnormal snowfall in the U.S.

Scientists believe that the snowstorms in the United States are the result of global warming.

Abnormal snowfall in the US

Northeast of the United States is covered with snow – in some settlements abnormal snowfall led to the introduction of a state of emergency. Meteorologists have already named the cause of this phenomenon. According to them, this downfall is associated with global warming.

Scientists note that the snowstorms are the result of Jet stream. This stream looks like a narrow air flow in the lower stratosphere and upper troposphere. Put simply, jet streams are fast flowing air currents.

This year, jet stream began to interact with Typhoon Nuri, the Pacific tropical cyclone, which has also been associated with global warming. This interaction over the United States has formed some kind of a "loop".

Meteorologists also relate the snowfall in the city of Buffalo with Lake-effect snow, the appearance of cumulonimbus clouds and precipitation formed from mixing dry and cold continental air with warm, moist sea air.

It should be noted that due to global warming, scientists discovered the carcass of a mammoth in Siberia, which makes it possible to clone this ancient animal.

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