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Ebola reaches Italy

Italy has the first person infected with Ebola. The virus attacked a doctors, who was working in Sierra Leone.

Ebola reaches Italy

Doctors say the patient's condition is stable. It was reported in the WHO. As it became known, Ebola fever attacked the doctor of the humanitarian group during his work in Sierra Leone, near Freetown, joinfo.ua reports.

Earlier Stylianides Christos, a member of the European Commission"s Humanitarian Aid, said that Ebola should be eradicated in Africa in the first place. Thus, this dangerous virus to be isolated, as the spread of the epidemic should not be allowed.

According to Stylianides, the epidemic that spread in some West African countries, has undermined already weak economies of these states. Restoration will take time and will not be easy. In this regard, the EU's commitment in this regard should be long-term and firm.

Earlier, it was reported that a drug developed to fight Ebola was tested on people.

Doctors from the United States and Canada have been working on this vaccine for the past few years. Previously, it was successfully tested on animals. The drug is called VSV-EBOV. NewLink Genetics Corporation received a license on it.