Almost 7 thousand casualties “on account” of Ebola

The number of victims attacked by Ebola has increased to nearly seven thousand people.

Almost 7 thousand casualties "on account" of Ebola

Such data was published by the World Health Organization. Thus, according to the WHO, Ebola haemorrhagic fever has killed 6,000 928 people, reports.

It is also reported that at this stage the number of the people infected with this dangerous virus worldwide has increased significantly and is more than 16 thousand people.

In Liberia, spreading Ebola killed more than four thousand people. In Sierra Leone, almost fifteen hundred people died, more than one thousand people succumbed in Guinea.

However, dangerous Ebola virus continues to spread. The highest rate of deaths and infections is registered in Liberia. In this country, the number of infections has soared and is more than seven thousand people. In other countries suffering from Ebola, this percentage is much lower.

As it was previously reported, in Italy there was recorded the first case of infection.

It is to be recalled that that scientists conducted the first successful test of the vaccine against Ebola with the help of twenty volunteers. The tests will be conducted in four phases. The researchers say the results of the first stage are encouraging. It is also known that the vaccine against the fever may be available the next year.

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