New Year weight loss: 10 tips

Winter holidays are already near at hand. That"s why it is not surprising that almost every woman wonders, "How to lose weight for the New Year?"

New Year weight loss: 10 tips

Many girls prefer to lose weight before the holidays in order to look flawlessly at the parties. These simple tips of nutritionists will help you to learn how to lose weight for the New Year without harm to health.

Tip #1. There is no need to look for any speedy diets and torture yourself with hunger. Nutritionists advise to switch to a proper diet and consume less semi-finished foods, fried, flour, and sweet products.

Tip #2: Before the New Year do not consume alcoholic drinks, that come in your body with a lot of unnecessary calories and awaken your appetite.

Tip #3. Eat food that "cleans" the intestines: fish, chicken, apples, yogurt, etc.

Tip #4. Follow diet and sleep regime. Just go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Eat dead on time.

Tip #5: Do not hunger. Eat fruits, nuts, etc. as a snack.

Tip #6. If you want to lose weight, drink as much water as possible. It is a must.

Tip #7. Before going to bed do not drink a lot of water and try to eat maximum three or four hours before going to bed.

Tip #8. If you really want some sweets, eat them before 12.00 pm. Do not forget that their amount should be moderate.

Tip #9. Do not consume sugar and salt in a large quantity.

Tip #10. Do 30-minute morning exercises every day, if you want the weight to leave. On Sunday, take a break.

Now you know how to lose weight for the New Year easily, quickly and efficiently. Chose the right motivation and loose the excess weight with pleasure.

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