Smartphones and tablets destroy love life

Dependence on gadgets can not only provoke adverse effects on the human health, but also destroy our personal life.

Smartphones and tablets destroy love life

Thus, according to The Daily Mail publication, it is evidenced by the data of the experiment conducted by the researchers from Brigham Young University. The study involved 143 women. The scientists wanted to find out how cell phones, TV sets, computers and other devices affect their daily lives. At the same time the survey was participated only by those respondents who were formally married or lived in a civil marriage, reports.

The researchers wondered how often the couples had conflicts because of the gadgets. As a result, a little less than a half of the study participants complained that their beloved were often distracted by television programs during conversations with them, and one-third of the respondents said that their other halves did not leave their smartphones during the meal.

About 25% of the participants complained that during a conversation their men managed to write SMS or check e-mail.

The respondents called computer the most "annoying" device that interferes with their love lives, and smartphone takes the second place. The study participants complained that the devices don't let them feel their personal life to the fullest and feel comfortable in relationships with loved ones.

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