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List of gadgets for single people

Today technologies create wonders. They can even substitute a life partner.

There are moments when you need just more than two hands. Our lists of helpful gadgets will ease your life when there is nobody to give a hand. Check it out!

#1. Bracelet Assistant

Bracelet Assistant

It is a persistent problem of all girls around the world. But now there is a solution. With Bracelet Assistant you can put on your jewelry by yourself.

Price: $24.95





#2. ZipHer


While continuing speaking of women"s problems. This gadget will help you to zip up your dress. You need just to hook your zipper and it up.

Price: $19.95




#3. Hands-free Baggy Rack

Hands-free Baggy Rack

This gadget is very helpful for putting leftovers. It will operate like another pair of hands.

Price: $7.50





#4. Gripper jar opener

Gripper jar opener

Sometimes need help a pair of strong hands to open a jar? No problem, use Gripper jar opener.

Price: $15.77







#5. Lockitron


This gadget is just perfect for single people, especially if you forgot to lock your door. Lockitron app will help you to lock and unlock your door without using your keys.

Price: $179




#6. Spotter Multipurpose Sensor

Spotter Multipurpose Sensor

With the help of Spotter multipurpose sensor and your smartphone you can control "motion, sound, light, temperature, and humidity" in your house and be aware and safe.

Price: $33