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Laughing giraffe joins tourists for selfie in Florida Park

A laughing giraffe got into the frame to the tourists who were making a selfie in the Busch Gardens theme park in Florida, USA.

Tourists from Ireland were trying to make a selfie at the Busch Gardens theme park in Florida and were joined by a laughing giraffe, reports with reference to The Daily Mirror.

The Irish couple of Gary King and Lisa Kennedy came to the United States for two weeks. They said they had made a lot of pictures in the park. According to the travelers, on the safari animals were everywhere, including giraffes.

The tourists noticed the “photobomb” only in the evening at the hotel. The couple posted this selfie in social networks, and the picture has become a hit. “Our 15 minutes of fame made us smile and now we want to get a better photo I want to go to Dublin Zoo at the weekend for a few elephant selfie,” Lisa says.

The cheeky shot has been a hit since it was shared online.

Michael O’Brien said: “Love it. Who says animals don’t have a sense of humour. He’s only having a giraffe.”

Siobhan Butcher added: “Absolutely class, what a smile.’ Lisa Brennan added: ‘This giraffe has sure got style.”

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