Synevyr – the most beautiful lake of the Ukrainian Carpathians

Synevyr - the most beautiful lake of the Ukrainian Carpathians
Synevyr Lake is considered the pearl of the Carpathians, and is the most interesting object of the Synevyr National Park.

Synevyr Lake (another name – Sea Eye) is the largest lake in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. It is located in Mizhhiria district, Zakarpattia Region. It is part of the National natural preserve “Synevyr”.


Scientists estimate that the lake formed about ten thousand years ago. In 2008, the lake was recognized as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine, reports with the reference to

Синевир - сказочное озеро украинских Карпат-1

Synevyr  Lake is considered the pearl of the Carpathians, and is the most interesting object of the Synevyr National Park. Its water mirror has an area of ​​4.5 hectares, the depth varies from 18 to 23.5 meters.

Синевирское озеро в Украине

The lake was created in the post-Ice Age period (around ten thousand years ago) due to a powerful earthquake-induced tectonic shift of indigenous sandstone from the southern slope of Mount Krasna which blocked a narrow stream valley. Its waters flow through the porous natural dam and return to the surface in 350 meters west of the lake, 60 meters below the average lake level.

The temperature of the upper layer of water in the summer is about 18°C, and at a depth of 2-2.5 meters the temperature drops to 10-13 ° C. The deep water layers in both summer and winter are about 4 ° C.

озеро Синевир зимой

The spring and rainbow trout is very fond of the clear waters of Synevyr lake. Almost all the time trout stay away from the shore. But in the warm days, the fish swims in shallow places near the shores of the lake. Minnows – small fish, flocks of which continually swim near the shore looking for food. There are also a lot of cancers in the lake.

Синевир - сказочное озеро украинских Карпат-2

Synevyr lake has the shape of a little distorted quadrangle – small capes ctreate minor bays. In the middle of the pond, like the pupil of an enormous blue eye, lays a small island, just of a few square meters. That’s where the name “Sea Eye” comes from. The shores of the lake are steep, and in some places even precipitous. Synevyr is surrounded with centenarian fir and spruce woods. On the east bank rises the 13-meter-high sculpture of Syn and Vyr, made of the mahogany by Carpathian sculptors M. Sanych and I. Brodyn.

Синевир - сказочное озеро украинских Карпат

Once upon a time, Syn and Vyr lived in these realms. Synevir Lake commemorates their love and devotion. According to legend, once upon a time, a rich Earl lived in this area, who has a daughter named Syn. One day he decided to go to the forest and check his loggers’ work. Syn asked to go with him. While the Earl was talking to the woodcutters, his daughter went for a walk. She slowly walked through the forest, picking flowers, when suddenly she heard a wonderful sound of the flute. Syn wandered to the sound of the melody, and soon she came to the meadow and saw a shepherd Vyr, surrounded by grazing sheep. He played a mesmerizing melody. She asked him to play again and again, till the night fell and it was time to go home. Leaving, Syn has promised to come back again, and they began to meet secretly. When the Earl found out about the secret fascination of his daughter – he was indignant, and prohibited them to meet. But Syn and Vyr continued to meet. Old Earl threatened the young guy that he will execute him if Vyr will not leave his daughter, but the young man was not afraid of these threats. Then the Earl ordered to killing of the shepherd. The servants pushed a huge boulder on Vyr, while he was waiting for the girl. Then Syn came and saw what happened to her beloved. Syn sat near the stone grave and wept bitterly. Her tears flooded the meadow, and soon the girl herself disappeared in the arms of the blue waters of the big lake. The locals named the lake in honor of lovers – Synevyr. Blue water of the lake mirrors the color of Syn’s eyes. And the island in the middle of the lake is the place of Vyr’s death.

резные фигуры Синь и Вир на озере Синевир

Синевир - самое красивое озеро Карпат

Synevyr lake is part of the Synevyr National Natural Park, established in 1989. The park spread on 40,400 hectares, 5807 of which are reserved for the protected zone.

резные фигуры на озере Синевир

The park is also known for the Gluhanya swamp and nature lake Ozyrtse. There are other points of interest in tne park, such as the monuments of wooden architecture, mineral water springs, forests museum, the Museum of Architecture and Life “Old Village”, Kamenetskii waterfall.

Озеро Синевир в Украине

The local flora and fauna are unique – 22 animal species and 40 plant species are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

In 2011, Ukraine’s first rehabilitation center for brown bears was opened in the national park. The center helps the bears, which were illegally held in captivity and were abused.

About a year ago, the first Ukrainian horror film in 3D format called “Synevyr” was shot on the lake.

Guests of Synevyr reserve are offered with a variety of hikes, horseback riding. You can rent camping equipment, bicycles or ride the horse along the beach.


Karst salt caves:

Карстовые соляные пещеры в национальном парке Синевир

You can get to Synevyr by train – Kyiv-Chop or Kyiv-Uzhgorod, and drop off on Volovets station. Then – by bus to Mizhhirrya village, and then to the village of Polyana Synevyrska, which is close to the lake. Another way – by bus from Hust to Mizhhirrya, then to Synevyrska Polyana.

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