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Radio Dictation of National Unity 2015 will be international

On November 9, 2015 Ukrainians around the world will be able to unite for annual Ukrainian dictation writing, named Radio Dictation of National Unity
Radio Dictation of National Unity 2015 will be international

The Radio Dictation of National Unity 2015 will begin at 10:10 in the morning on Kyiv time (UTC/GMT + 2 hours) and will last for two hours. It will be the 15th time, and it’s going to be international this year, Joinfo.ua reports with the reference to Uryadovyi Kurier.

On November 9, three channels of the National Radio Company of Ukraine will broadcast Radio Dictation of National Unity live.

Traditionally, the dictation is broadcasted from the studio on Khreshchatyk, 26. This year it will happen in Mykhailo Maksymovych hall in Kyiv National University of Taras Shevchenko, where schoolchildren, students, researchers, artists, public figures, politicians and government officials will write the dictation together.

The text will be read again by Oleksandr Avramenko, associate professor of Kyiv University of B. Grinchenko, author of textbooks on Ukrainian language and literature. And only two people – he and Alina Akulenko – know what it will be about. Last year, for example, the text was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Ukrainian radio. Before this was a text about red rue. Then the whole country learned, that the flower was actually yellow. There was Yuri Kulchytskyi’s text about how Ukrainians started drinking coffee.

“We always ask students to write a few words about themselves”, – said Alina Akulenko. –“ It turns out that for someone it is a ritual: someone lights a candle, sits under the icons, spreads embroidered towels. Someone sits down with his family. Parents help children. There were envelopes with five dictations from the father, mother and three children; many works – from grandparents and grandchildren. One young boy had to tend the herd, but he really wanted to write a dictation. So he hung the receiver up on a tree branch and wrote in the pasture. After returning home he carefully copied it.

“If there will be sponsors to reward the participants – welcome, – says Alina Akulenko. – We will award the participants with books with autographs of famous writers, perhaps something else. For example, last year we made small stories about the winners and told them on the radio.”

One year we received almost 20,000 dictations. Then we admitted just paper letters. You can sent an email now. But as organizers emphasize, it is not so important the number of sent emails and award winners, as it is great to write Radio Dictation of National Unity together with thousands of Ukrainians around the world.