Secrets of long healthy life from Hunza people

Secrets of long healthy life from Hunza people
Hunza Valley on the border of India and Pakistan is called "an oasis of youth". Hunza people live for average 110-120 years. They almost never get sick and look young

Hunzas live in a valley in so-called “the roof of the world” – the mountain peaks of the Himalayas. To be more precise, the Hunza country, with a population of only 30,000, is situated at the extreme northern point of India, where the borders of Kashmir, China, India and Afghanistan reports with the reference to Klikabol.

Secrets of long healthy life from Hunza people

So their way of life is close to the ideal.  These people feel healthy, happy, they do not grow old, as in other countries, by the 40-50 years of age. It is interesting that the people of Hunza Valley, in contrast to the neighboring peoples, looks very similar to the Europeans.


Hunzas swim in icy water, even at 15-degree frost of the air, up to a hundred years, play outdoor games. 40-year-old women look like a girl, women of 60 years keep the harmony and elegance of the figures, and in 65 years still have children. In the summer they eat raw fruits and vegetables, in the winter – sun-dried apricots and sprouts, sheep’s cheese.


In 1963, French medical mission visited Hunza. As a result of the census it was found that the average life expectancy of hunzakuts is 120 years, which is twice the rate among Europeans. In August 1977, in Paris, the International Cancer Congress stated: “In accordance with the data geo-cancerology, the science of the study of cancer in different regions of the world, complete absence of cancer occurs only among the peoples of Hunza.”


When asked about the secret of longevity, locals answer simply: “Be a vegetarian, do regular physical work, keep moving and do not change the rhythm of life, then you will live up to 120-150 years.” Hunza people are people, who have “full health.”

They have high ability to work in a broad sense. In Hunzas, this manifests itself as the ability to work during work, the dances or games. For them to walk 100-200 kilometers is the same, as for us is a short walk near the house. They are extremely easy to climb up the steep mountain to convey some news, and return home fresh and funny.


Hunzas are constantly laughing, they are always in a good mood, even if the hungry or suffering from cold.

“The Hunza strong nerves as ropes and thin and delicate, like a strings,” – wrote Scottish doctor MacCarison, who studied their way of life. – “They never get angry and do not complain, do not get nervous and do not show impatience, do not quarrel among themselves and with complete peace of mind endure physical pain, trouble, noise and so on.”

It should be recalled, that Synevyr Lake is considered the pearl of the Carpathians, and is the most interesting object of the Synevyr National Park.

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