Coastguards use drones to prevent shark attacks and fatal accidents

According to the media, coastguards in Australia use drones to prevent predator's attacks

Drones became a new kind of weapon in the never-ending battle between human and sharks, reports with the reference to The Mirror. It is informed that coastguards in New South Wales use the machines to keep predators away from famous beaches.

The region is currently in the jaws of a shark attack epidemic , with a spike in the number of bites and one fatal incident.

Drones will send live footage back to two “listening stations”, so they can raise the alarm whenever a shark comes into view and clear humans out of the water.

New South Wales is also planning to test out special “drum lines” capable of hooking sharks as they swim past.

Niall Blair, a local government minister, said: “They’re like a baited hook that has technology connected to it so when the bait is taken, a message is sent to our vessels and they’ll attend those lines immediately.

“They will then tag and release the sharks that are caught on those. So they’re very different to the traditional drum lines which could have sharks sitting on them for days before they’re checked.”

As reported earlier, a group of three men from Dusseldorf, Germany, had implanted Northstar V1 chips under their skin which look like rings of LED lights.

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