Blockade of Crimea: activists plan a sea blockade of the peninsula

Blockade of Crimea: activists plan a sea blockade of the peninsula

Crimean Tatars are ready to add discomfort to the Russian occupation authorities by introducing a sea blockade of Crimea to the existing food and electricity. Coordinator of the civil campaign “The blockade of the Crimea” Lenur Islyamov said that they plan a sea blockade of the peninsula, Joinfo.ua reports.

He stressed that the blockade will also affect the Kerch crossing, which is now the main transport artery between Russia and Crimea, passes Joinfo.ua.

“We will go on. We will create the network blockade, adding a sea blockade, so that Crimea will be in complete isolation,” – said Islyamov in an interview with “Open Russia”.

He stressed that activists are able to do it and advised the local authorities to not doubt their resolve.

It should be recalled that activists started blocking roads in Kherson region near checkpoints at the administrative border with Russia-occupied Crimea to prevent trucks with foods from entering the peninsula on September 20, 2015. Later to the food blockade the protesters added power blockade. The blackout of Crimea continues from November 22.

Electricity supply company Ukrenergo reported that the repair of the blown up towers on the line Kakhovka – Titan and wires has been completed. They continue negotiations with the activists about resuming the power supply to Crimea.

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