Ukrainian Foreign Ministry launches international campaign #MyUkraineIs

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry launches international campaign #MyUkraineIs
Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has launched a digital campaign #MyUkraineIs to raise the country’s international profile abroad

According to the press release, the project aims to shift the world’s knowledge of Ukraine beyond the Chernobyl disaster, gas wars and Russia’s ongoing aggression by celebrating and promoting its rich history and exceptional citizens, reports with reference to the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations.

#MyUkraineIs is a joint initiative between Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Ministry of Information Policy and StratCom.UA. Ukrainian foreign diplomatic missions, Ukrainian communities abroad and foreign partners are also key stakeholders across the campaign.

A website, is at the campaign’s core, serving as a repository of facts on the country’s history and what Ukraine is about today – its joys and challenges, values and concerns, heritage and dreams.

Content throughout the site is highly shareable, designed to result in an outflow of interesting, little known facts about Ukraine and its people across social media.

The website is an extension of the publication Ukraine: Freedom, Dignity, Creativity presented in the MFA on 30 November 2015. Visitors to the site are encouraged to contribute content about Ukraine or outstanding Ukrainians which, when validated, may be published on the site.

Follow #MyUkraineIs on the official pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ukrainian foreign diplomatic institutions on Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte, Google+.

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