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Secrets of underground Uzhgorod

Ukrainian shop owner in Uzhgorod began renovation in the building and found a 500 meter cave beneath
Secrets of underground Uzhgorod

Oleksandr, a private entrepreneur from Uzhgorod city in the western Ukraine, decided to make renovation in his house to open a shop. So, he started renovation and discovered a vast cave under the floor, which turned out to be an old Soviet period restaurant in a man-made cave in the bedrock foundation of the city.

The restaurant, named “The Rock”, was open in 1960s and was the most fancy place in Transcarpathian region at the time. It had many halls and tunnels up to 500 meters in the former king’s cellar 20 meters underground. The restaurant had enough place to serve about 400 people at the same time.

But now the walls are covered with mold because of high humidity, the air is always about 15°C.

Local residents say the place was closed in 1985, when the head of the Soviet union Mikhail Gorbachev declared a dry law.

People also say that there are a lot of undiscovered caves under the city center.