Ukrainian President’s New Year message: Ukraine will be European, strong and unique

Ukrainian President's New Year message: Ukraine will be European, strong and unique
President Petro Poroshenko addressed to Ukrainians with New Year speech and offered his best wishes for all in 2016. He called to look in the future with hope and optimism

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko addressed to the nation with the best wishes for the New Year. The address was published on the official site of the President’s Administration:

Dear fellow Ukrainians!

The fifteenth year of the XXI century goes down in history.

We withstood and saved the country. Not only older did we become, but also wiser and stronger. And what is the most important – we became more united as a nation, Ukrainian nation.

Strongly as never before do we feel the shoulder, heartbeat and even way of thinking of one another. Peace, freedom and independence, welfare and unity are the main aspirations of every Ukrainian.

Let us first of all bow to glorious Ukrainian warriors for making today’s holiday come true. To those who are currently not at the festive table, but in the cold winter trench. To those who are now standing with guns, not wine glasses.

Glory to Heroes!

If we prevent full-scale offensive of Russia with joint efforts of our Armed Forces, volunteers, workers of defensive enterprises, diplomats and international partners, if we do not let the external enemy undermine our stability from inside with political strife, next year we will be able to say that the worst is behind.

It is symbolic that on the eve of the holidays, we have won several important decisions of the EU. Next year, the paper curtain between Ukraine and the European Union will fall down. Citizens of our state will have an opportunity to freely make business and tourist trips to Europe, as well as participate in the humanitarian exchange.

However, driving on this road has to be bilateral.

Integration with Europe requires elimination of corruption. We have ensured all preconditions for this struggle. We have established absolutely new and politically independent anti-corruption bodies. People with new values started working there after passing the contest. They came to work under the close supervision of civil society.

Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the EU starts functioning on January 1. In a few years, we will compensate the enormous losses caused by Russia. For the closure of markets for Ukrainian goods and producers by Moscow, powerful economic aggression is another component of hybrid warfare against us.

Military assault failed – now they are trying to stifle us economically and undermine socially. But they will not succeed!

Dear Ukrainians!

We are looking in the future with hope and optimism.

Ukraine will be European, strong and unique!

Happy New Year!

Peace, happiness and prosperity to all of you!

Glory to Ukraine!

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