The famous Kyiv sculptor creates masterpieces of rural houses

Oleksiy Alyoshkin moved from Kyiv to the remote village of Bukatynka, Chernivtsi district, Vinnytsa region, 36 years ago. Now the village in a museum in the open, Jonfo.ua reports with reference to Vindaily.info.

“First I painted my house. Then – classes at school. In a house, which is a hundred meters from mine, I keep “svyschyky” (clay whistles),” – said Alyoshkin.

During the years, Oleksiy painted dozens of rural homes. At first, the locals took him as an eccentric, but in a few years they gave their houses to his skillful hands.

Unfortunately, people eventually were leaving the village. That is why they registered the houses on Oleksiy, so that the buildings wouldn’t be destroyed.

In the houses the artist created museums of folk arts, making the village itself a museum in the open. Everyone is welcome here. The Alyoshkin family will show them around.

Alyoshkin also creates the improvised stone sculptures. In Bukatynka he created a real exhibition of his works in stone.



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