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South Korean designer created a Free Hug Sofa

This cozy chair will provide a hug whenever you need it
South Korean designer created a Free Hug Sofa

A Free Hug Sofa, created by Lee Eun Kyoung of South Korea, is made of soft material and has arms to hug you. This cozy chair is meant to bring you comfort, Mashable reports.

“The long arm stretched out resembles humans and looks like saying ‘Come here I will hold you in my arms’,” Kyoung told the A’Design Award committee, which gave the Free Hug Sofa a bronze medal in their furniture design competition. “Because the sofa gives the feeling of being alive, it will hold you warm and soft like your mother, friend and a lover without feeling lonely. It will present the dream of innocent childhood by giving the feeling of the soft heart of mother or the arms of the doll wrapping around you in your childhood.”


While the Free Hug Sofa is meant to bring comfort to those that need a good hug, the design also brings comfort to people with ailments or other physical needs.

“The cushion was put on the sofa before but this product combined the sofa and the cushion which moves freely,” Kyoung told A’Design. “Accordingly, the usability is unlimited for user preference. It can provide a play material to children, a plastic sheet or a laptop pad to teenagers, the convenience of breastfeeding to the mother, the warm stomach to women and the comfortable back to the elderly.”

The chair took Kyoung two years to create, from inception to final product.

It comes in white, gray and red because hugs are wonderful in every color.

Images: Lee Eun Kyoung