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Belgians lucky in European lottery jackpot again

Two weeks ago, a street sweeper from Schaerbeek ('the city of donkeys' in Brussels) won a record amount of 168 million euros and now it's party in Belgium: an anonymous Belgian lucky yesterday won more than 50 million euros in the EuroMillions Lottery.
EuroMillions Lottery

In the Netherlands you can buy lots of Euro Millions. Yes, it`s true with European lottery.

“The timing is incredibly surprising,” said a spokesman of the Belgian National Lottery, which participate in EuroMillions. “We just all balloons stored for one winner and we can get them again for the next.”

Winner left for Germany

The previous winner, the street sweeper to win up to 168 million euros, Belgium fled a few days after the announcement. He left for family in Germany to recover from all hectic. It is not yet known who this time won the prize.

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