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Meet Ludo, the world’s longest cat

A cat named Ludo that lives in the United Kingdom was named as the longest domestic cat by the Guinness World Record.
Meet Ludo, the world’s longest cat

The Maine Coon named Ludo is about 3 feet and 11 inches long, just 5 centimeters shorter than the longest cat ever, a fellow Maine Coon named Stewart Gilligan, Joinfo.com reports with reference to UPI.

Ludo lives in Wakefield with his owner Kelsey Gill, who said she was inspired to own a Maine Coon after seeing them in the Harry Potter films.

Gill said she took in Ludo as a 13-week-old kitten and quickly realized he was larger than most other cats of his breed.

According to Gill, Ludo has a lazy personality and his considerable length makes him slightly more clumsy than other cats.

She has to use a dog carrier to transport Ludo, but said his size comes in handy when she’s looking for him in the house.