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Rolling Stone: Carrie Fisher’s 10 Greatest ‘Star Wars’ moments

The Rolling Stone magazine collected the 10 most iconic Princess Leia scenes
Rolling Stone: Carrie Fisher's 10 Greatest 'Star Wars' moments

10. “Hope” (‘Rogue One’)

This Carrie’s appearance takes the viewers to a galaxy, far, far away and a long time ago, when hope was in seemingly boundless supply.


9. The Reunion (‘The Force Awakens’)

8. Ewoks: First Contact (‘Return of the Jedi’)

7. Killing Jabba (‘Return of the Jedi’)

6. The Kiss (‘The Empire Strikes Back’)

5. Au Revoir, Alderaan (‘A New Hope’)

4. Bad News (‘The Force Awakens’)

3. “I love you …” “I know” (‘The Empire Strikes Back’/’Return of the Jedi’)

2. To the Rescue (‘A New Hope’)

1. “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi – you’re my only hope” (‘A New Hope’)

It’s just a tiny blue image projected from R2-D2 in Luke Skywalker’s garage, repeating that mysterious phrase over and over. But this was more than just the message that set the plot of the original Star Wars trilogy in motion; this was a sort of magical incantation, one that promised desperation and heroism, saviors with strange names and stakes as big as that whole far-away galaxy.

Many a lifelong love affair with Star Wars, sci-fi, fantasy fiction, and film itself began with these eight words. It all starts here.